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Any company on this site is a corporate partner and in some form is contributing to funding a school, a particular program and/or a scholarship fund through a donation and/or a portion of proceeds from the sale of a product and or service offered on this site.

Being a corporate partner with schools is target marketing at it’s best. Partnering with schools has many advantages, including corporate image, community image, target audience and delivering a consistant and controlled message.You cannot have a better image then helping your school provide the best educational environment and facilities for our young people. When your message is partnered with your school it is a win win situation. Align your business with schools for great marketing results.

There are many ways to become a corporate partner with a school and/or schools. You do not have to be fortune 500 company to qualify. You can be a one man operation, a small community business or just a loyal alum and help a school and/or schools along with your company, very economically. I can assure you through personal experience, nothing is more rewarding. If you would like more information call Joe at 419-356-7505, email us joe@varsitypride.org or simply fill out the contact form to the right.


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