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With its population growing each year, and close to 3,600 students matriculating in 2011, Lake Local Schools serves Stark County students in Lake Township, the Village of Hartville, Uniontown and small portions of Portage and Summit Counties.   More than 92% of Lake students pursue a college-preparatory course of study and continue their education beyond the high school level, although only 30% of the overall district population holds a college degree and only 35% of the population is employed in administrative or professional occupations.  Lake students have traditionally scored well above the state average on standardized tests and Lake Local met 26 of 26 indicators on the School District Report Card for 2011, receiving a rating of Excellent. Lake Local is part of an innovative partnership between the district, Mercy Medical Center, the Stark County Library, the Chamber of Commerce, The YMCA and the Historical Society.  Working together, these organizations provide a “Center Complex” for residents for learning, healthcare and recreation.  The partnership is unique in that Lake students can benefit from educational opportunities at Mercy Medical, use the YMCA for fitness and swimming programs and the Library for reading and research.

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